The MSTS Tolls Solution

Paying tolls is a way of life for trucking companies operating in Europe. The average annual tolls cost for a truck is €10,000! Multi Service Tolls has been providing full-service tolls solutions since 1987 and is trusted by fleets to make managing and paying complicated European tolls an easy and pain-free process.


1. We Handle the Administrative Burden

Navigating European tolls can be a complicated and confusing process for even the most seasoned trucking company. From country to country there are different rules and regulations (that are constantly changing) that fleets must follow to avoid costly fines and penalties. The Multi Service Tolls solution coordinates and streamlines the whole administrative process freeing up time for fleets to do what they do best…serve their customers. Whether your operating needs require cards or on board units (OBU), Multi Service Tolls will make the administrative process of tolls a hassle-free experience.


2. Fleet Tracking Across Europe

Once Multi Service Tolls has equipped trucks with toll cards and OBUs needed for countries that are serviced, fleets can operate with confidence that tolls are covered. Regardless of travel routes or the size of the toll expense, the Multi Service Tolls solution provides real-time tracking and data capture of each transaction.


3. Tolls Management Made Easy with MyMST

Multi Service Tolls customers can access and manage accounts through a proprietary account management tool, MyMST. From truck to truck and country to country, MyMST provides insight and data that provides transport companies information that helps run their business. With more than 200 ways to download and sort data, MyMST equips Multi Service Tolls customers with reports that can be customized according to the data needed. From sorting toll costs by country to making sure trucks are equipped with the correct tolls payment solution, MyMST gives each department of a trucking company the oversight needed to successfully navigate the complicated European toll puzzle.


4. Our Experience Maximizes Your Profits

Multi Service Tolls continuously strives to help customers optimize the toll payments at the lowest possible cost. The Multi Service Tolls team uses Toll Payment reports to identify ways its clients can save money. Customers can also be afforded discounts on certain toll roads as a result of negotiated discounts between Multi Service Tolls and the different toll authorities of countries.