Be ready for Belgium sign your Proposal and Mandate

Be ready for Belgium sign your Proposal and Mandate

Return the signed proposal and Satellic Mandate to be ready for Belgium Toll

At the end of January, we sent all customers a personalized proposal. We ask you kindly to sign the proposal and return to Multi Service Tolls along with the Satellic Mandate.

Why? Because we need:

  • Your signature for agreement with the new fees for Belgium Toll
  • Your signature to use the Satellic account you created –> Satellic Mandate
  • Your preference of OBU
  • Any additional OBU orders

No proposal received?

Please send an email to if you have not received a proposal yet. Please note in the email your customer number, email address, number of trucks, contact person, and address.

Vehicle Date in MyTolls for Belgium Toll avoid fines

Submit the exact vehicle weight in MyTolls Make sure the correct and accurate vehicle weight is entered in MyTolls. You are responsible for submitting the right information. MyTolls has been updated with more weight options to choose from. Fines for not doing so can reach 1000 Euro every three hours.

Getting the right vehicle information is mandatory for both the Multi Service Toll Box and the Satellic OBU. Communication by Satellic
Please be aware: Satellic can call or send you emails with the notification of incorrect truck data AND disable the Satellic OBU orders if your vehicle data does not match with the vehicle papers.

Mandate Satellic

-Create an account through the Satellic website
-Fill in all fields on the mandate
-Include your login and password for your Satellic account on the mandate
-Send the mandate and your signed proposal to or use the reply envelope.

Belgium Toll Proposal

-Mark your choice (Multi Service Toll Box and/or Satellic)checkmark
-Sign your proposal if you agree with the new conditions
-Send both the signed proposal and the mandate to or use the reply envelope

Belgium 12016 V3

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