Changes to Premid / Czech Toll

Changes to Premid / Czech Toll

We have recently made some changes to your OBU in the Czech Republic.

New Agreement Forms

You can download the latest agreement form for your Premid from the customer support page. If you need to sign a new contract, you will need to use this file. Any outdated contracts will not be accepted.

Ordering Premid if You Are Not the Legal Representative

If OBUs need to be ordered for trucks and you are not the legal representative, you need to fill out the document called: Form Revocation of Power of Attorney. This grants the right to order OBUs (i.e. a fleet manager).

Order forms need to be signed by the legal representative or by the second person mentioned in the Form Revocation of Power of Attorney.

No More Hard Copy Invoices from Myto CZ

Myto CZ will now switch from hard copy invoices to digital. Myto CZ will use these email address provided on the agreement form. If you want to receive invoices at another email address, you can change the address in the Selfcare portal. If you prefer to receive hard copy invoices, the legal representative has to send a hard copy letter to Myto CZ.

No changes affect your Multi Service Tolls invoice for the Czech Toll


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