hungaryHungary is continually becoming a more prominent transit company for European transport companies. Since 2013, a GPS toll system using an OBU has been implemented, but it is still possible to book tickets online. The mandatory toll system, known as HU-GO applies to all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. HU-GO covers more than 6,000 kilometers of tolled roads, including mainly motorways and expressways.

What We Do

What We Do

  • Application and maintenance of the post-pay HU-GO OBU
  • Payments to the road tax office
  • Payments of the Hungarian tolls

We Provide

  • Details of the toll costs, sorted by OBU number and truck
  • Daily financial management information
  • Digital information
Toll Information

Toll System: HU-GO

On-board units mandatory: Yes

Vehicles required to pay tolls: 3.5 tonnes and over

Toll routes: All public roads

Payment: HU-GO OBU

Description of toll system : Distance-based – amount due depends on use

Type of tollpayment
Distance-based – amount due depends on use