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Trucks get in lane at the Dartford Crossing or get fined

On-the-spot fines are starting to be issued to goods vehicle drivers who are in the wrong lane as they approach the Dartford Tunnel in Kent. Officers from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have just begun to enforce the rules now that the new payment system, Dart Charge, is in operation.


Different height restrictions 

Due to the different height restrictions of the tunnels (4.8m for the west tunnel and 5m for the east tunnel), goods vehicles over 4.8m but less than 5m must be in lanes 3 or 4 (the right hand lanes) in order for them to use the east tunnel. Vehicles 4.8m or lower may use any lane and go through either tunnel. Anything over 5m needs to find a different route.

A282 Northbound Gantry Height Signage (2)

Vehicles in the wrong lane are being stopped and sent back to Junction 1b, to re-approach the Dartford Crossing in the correct lane. This is delaying their journey, and it’s also holding up the traffic behind the vehicle. Currently, over 30 goods vehicles are being turned back, every week day on average.

More information can be downloaded here.

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