Changes for Dartford

Changes for Dartford


Changes for Dartford 

Please note that pay in cash on the Dartford bridge and tunnel from the 1st of November 2014 is no longer possible.

Our advice
We recommend you create an online Pre-pay account. This is the best possible payment solution for little and regular usage. This will also allow you to pay a slightly lower rate.

A Multi Service Prepaid Card is a great option to pay for this account. Click here for the special Multi Service Prepaid website.

Please note that your Dart Tag is used until late November.

What are the new prices for the Dartford?
Up to 2 axles, you pay € 3.85 without an account and with a Dart Charge Account, just € 3.36. If your trucks have multiple axles, you pay € 9.83 or just € 6.64 with a Dart Charge account.

What are the opportunities for payment of Dartford there?
Payment can be made via phone, on certain “payzones” and through a online account.

Where can I create a Dart Charge Account?
Through a portal soon to be opened by the British government it will be possible to create a pre-pay account. We will keep you informed about this.

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