Ecotax will be toll charge

Ecotax will be toll charge

Ecotax will be toll charge

We have an update on the latest news regarding Ecotax. The name will change from ‘Ecotaxe poids lourds’ to ‘Péage transit poids lourds.´ That means that no tax will be paid anymore, but rather tolls will charged. This plan is set to begin on 1 January 2015. This was announced last week by the French Minister Manuel Valls.

  • What should you pay? You must pay for the actual number of kilometers, depending on the Euronorm of your truck.
  • For which vehicles will this toll apply? The toll will apply to vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.
  • Where will the new toll be charged? The toll network will be charged principally on main governmental roads. This includes approximately 4,000 kilometers of new tollroads.
  • What does it cost? The cost per vehicle will be about 13 Euro cents per kilometer, depending on the vehicle type, number of axles, Euronorm and weight.

Ecotax toll network

Péage de transit poids lourds. Source: Nieuwsblad Transport


We recommend that you complete your registration before 31 October 2014.
By completing registration early, we have three months to identify any errors in the registration process. On 1 January 2015, everything must be operational.
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