Expected 2 OBU options for Belgian toll….

Expected 2 OBU options for Belgian toll….


PayBelgian-Tolling Belgian tolls should be simple. We take care of the greatest part of the application and ordering process so you won’t have to fill out any forms. OBUs can be ordered with a click of a button through our online tolls management portal, MyTolls.

Get Started with Belgian Tolls in 3 Steps!

  1. Create an account with Satellic
  2. Register your company and record your account/login info
  3. Manage your account through MyTolls, our European fleet management portal
    Available soon!


Need more information? Get the Belgian tolls basics here!
(Including price table and deadlines.)


We Expect Soon to Have Two Choices:

  1. Use the Satellic box for Belgium only
  2. Use our Multi Toll Box for 4 countries and much more…

Multi Tolls-Box

  • Simplify payment to one box for Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium Liefkenshoektunnel and Belgium (toll starting April 2016)
  • No deposit of € 135 / No contract required / 1 OBU less in the truck
  • Multi Service Tolls always provides you insight to the total cost per truck with just the click of a mouse!

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