luxembourgThe Luxembourg road network is part of the Eurovignette Countries. All motorways in Luxembourg are toll roads for Eurovignette. Other countries using the same system include The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden.

The Multi Service Tolls card is your Luxembourg tolls solution. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to pay.

What We Do

Multi Service takes care of

  • Application and maintenance of the Eurovignet
  • Payments to the road tax office


Multi Service offers you

  • Details of the toll costs, sorted by card number and truck
  • Daily financial management information
  • Digital information
Toll Information

Toll System:

Onboard units not Mandatory

Vehicles required to pay tolls:
12 t and over

Toll routes:
All Motorways

Multi Service Tolls Card

Description of toll system
Time-based – amount due depends on use