A GREEN Light is Visible

If the green light starts to blink, the battery is almost empty and the OBU should immediately be connected to the vehicle power. If this does not happen, eventually a RED light will be shown and 4 beeping signals will be audible which means the OBU will shut off and will NOT register any transactions. If a RED light is visible, the driver should immediately pull over and contact the emergency hotline.

24/7: +33 (0)4 26 29 75 80

The OBU is on vehicle power

It is important the OBU is at all times connected on vehicle power via the cable which is supplied. This avoids the battery running empty which can result in not registering the transactions (and possibly a fine).

The Viapass network is visible

The Viapass network should be shown in the menu of the OBU. If this is not the case, your OBU cannot be used in Belgium. If the Viapass network is not visible and your driver is currently driving the Belgian taxed roads, please have your driver immediately pull over and contact the emergency hotline for further instructions.

24/7: +33 (0)4 26 29 75 80

IMPORTANT: The MSTB has 2 different networks for Belgium: LHT for the Liefkenshoektunnel and the Viapass network for the Belgium taxed roads. Please note if the MSTB shows LHT only, the OBU is not eligible for the Belgian taxed roads.

The vehicle data is correct

The data on the OBU should match the vehicle using the OBU. Furthermore MyTolls can be used to verify the vehicle data as well as EuroNorm and number of axles. If you require MyTolls access, please contact your FleetServiceTeam and request login details (to be reset).

The OBU is updated

If the OBU shows a BLUE light, an update is ready to be performed. This can easily be done by your driver pressing the OK button and accepting the new updates.

Emergency Procedures

If the OBU shows a RED light, the OBU is no longer working correctly. Your driver should contact the 24 hours emergency hotline for further instructions.

24/7: +33 (0)4 26 29 75 80


Your call to the emergency hotline will trigger an automated process which blocks the Viapass network at all times. A few hours after calling the emergency hotline, your OBU will show a GREEN light, however the Viapass network remains blocked for which you can no longer use the OBU on the Belgian taxed roads. You are required to order a replacement OBU after calling the emergency hotline.

When driving in Belgium your driver will have 3 hours to pick up a temporary OBU from a service point.

After receiving your replacing product, you can send your faulty OBU back to Multi Service.