Belgium Toll

Belgium Toll


Paying Belgium tolls should be simple. We take care of the of the application and ordering process. OBU’s can be ordered with a click of a button through our online tolls management portal, MyTolls.

Get Started with Belgium tolls in a few Steps!

  • Create an account with Satellic.
  • Register your company and record your account/login info.
  • Manage your account through MyTolls, our European fleet management portal.

For toll payments in Belgium, there is the Satellic OBU. The OBU has to be linked to a Multi Service Tolls card. To register your company and trucks in Belgium,register online and order your boxes in MyTolls.

We Expect Soon to Have Two Choices:
Use the Satellic OBU for Belgium only or our Multi Toll Box  1 box  4 countries and much more…

Order Satellic OBU:

Order Satellic OBU


The Satellic OBU can only be used in Belgium. If you wish to pay the toll with the Belgian Satellic OBU through Multi Service Tolls, you must do the following:

Step 1: Mandate & Satellic account (submit, print, sign, scan).

You need create a Satellic account yourself, via the website Under the mandate, you agree to share the user name and login code of your Satellic account with us. This mandate also states that you authorize Multi Service Tolls to order the Satellic OBU’s on your behalf.
Please note that every individual client number requires a Satellic account and must obtain a mandate. Satellic only accepts unique email addresses for each account you create.
Note: If no Multi Service Tolls Card is connected to a truck, a new one will be created automatically.

Step 2: Email the mandate to

If the mandate is approved, you will receive an email from us.

Stel 3: Submit truck data + upload truck documents in MyTolls.

Submit the required vehicle data and upload truck documents via MyTolls. This can be completed in the truck screen of MyTolls, where the yellow marked fields are mandatory (see example).

If the vehicle documents are missing (see MyTolls truck screen) then you need to upload them. If the Euronorm certificate is not listed on the license plate certificate, you must also upload a Euronorm certificate. The Satellic website explains which vehicle documentation is required for each country.

Step 4: Order your Satellic OBU’s.

You can order a Satellic OBU after you have successfully added the vehicle documentation and obtained approval for the mandate (you will receive this by e-mail).

In MyTolls you can order an OBU with the click of a mouse. You determine when you order. If you order an OBU, you will receive the OBU within 10 working days. The deposit will be collected at the time the Belgian toll commences.

Should you have any questions about ordering Satellic OBU’s, please contact your contact person by calling (+31) 070 3199 000.

Install your OBU

It is necessary to connect an OBU to a truck. If an OBU is not connected to a truck, it is not working. If you only order one OBU, it is automatically coupled to the vehicle you registered last.
If you order multiple OBUs, you must connect them to the vehicles you have registered.

Fixed Install Guide
Quick start guide OBU
OBU manual

Pre-pay OBU

It is possible to use a pre-paid method for the Belgium toll. Than you have to do the whole registration yourself and make sure you manage to your account all the time. Multi Service Tolls can be your payment provider and will send an invoice every time you top up your account. When you choose the pre-paid method, you can top up your credit by a maximum of € 500 per time, to a total maximum balance of € 1,000. The balance is shown on the display of your OBU. Minimum top up is € 20. Our advice is not the use the prepaid method unless your visit belgium not very often. You always need a paymentprovider in example a fuel- or  fleetcard like our Multi Service Tolls Card


  • The deposit for 1 OBU is € 135.
  • Fines for driving without an OBU or with wrong registration will cost you € 1,000 every 3 hours
  • An OBU in combination with a fleetcard (like our Multi Service Tolls Card) is required there is no other way of paying tolls.
  • An OBU is required when you cross the Belgium border. Also if you do not drive on toll roads.

Kilometerheffing voor vrachtwagens boven 3,5 ton vanaf 2016 in België

More information about the prices and maps can be found here.


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