Brobizz Support

Brobizz Support

Brobizz1As of 2015, the use of an OBU is mandatory in Norway. We offer the BroBizz as a payment option.

The BroBizz can be used for all toll roads in Norway as well as several bridges in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. You can order the BroBizz through MyTolls.

Using the BroBizz gives you discounts up to 50%. These discounts differ per bridge or road.

Note: You can switch a BroBizz between trucks, but we need 48-hour notice.

Note: To discontinue use, send the BroBizz back to our office:

MSTS Tolls
Volmerlaan 5
2288 GC Rijswijk
The Netherlands

More information about the prices and maps can be found here.