German Toll Collect Support

German Toll Collect Support

There are two options for toll payment in Germany.

With an On-Board Unit (OBU)

Already an OBU in your truck: In this case, you only need to change your contract. Fill out the document (Zahlungsweise Tankkarte) and send it to Multi Service Tolls. Change the fuel card provider to Multi Service. No other changes are necessary.

No contract signed and OBU in your truck:This means that you are not registered with Toll Collect. If you are planning to drive in Germany frequently, we advise that you build in an OBU. Please fill out the documents under the subheading ‘Register for the First Time’.

The registration will take one to two weeks. You will then be notified when you can have an OBU built in at your dealer. This must be an official dealer and a list can be downloaded: ‘Service Partner network’.

Without an On-Board Unit (OBU)

Direct Payment with Multi Service Tolls Card (no OBU)

Pay with the Multi Service Tolls card at the terminals.

Click here to find a list of stations in Germany or search a station online.

Click here to order the Multi Service Toll Card.

Contract and OBU responsibility

The OBU is linked to the ‘Benutzernummer’, your account number with Toll Collect, rather than an individual fuel/toll card (such as the Multi Service Tolls card). Therefore, the responsibility of use, implementation and cancellation of the OBU and the proper registration of the trucks with Toll Collect lies with the user.

Note: Austria

If you are already registered in Austria, it is also possible to pay for Austrian tolls with a German OBU installed. See Austria (link) for more information.

As of October 1, trucks 7,5 t and above are required to pay tolls.


All forms are published in German only. To fill them out, you will find detailed instructions in your selected language.