Go-Box Support

Go-Box Support

For toll payments in Austria, there is the Go-Box. The Go-Box has to be linked to a Multi Service Tolls card. To register your company and trucks in Austria, fill out the application form and send it with copies of the truck registration papers by email or postal service (this is mandatory).

There are three options to pay the toll:

1. Post-Paid Go-Box + Multi Service Tolls Card

This box is linked to a Multi Service Tolls card, which can be ordered on the website. Linking a box is possible too! (Note that we will send you additional documents to complete and you need to send us copies of the vehicle registration papers as soon as possible). Once ordered and registered, the Go-Box can be picked up at a Go-Point with the Multi Service Tolls card and pick-up code. (Click on ‘Vertriebstellen Go-Box’ on the right side of the page).

2. Pre-Paid Go-Box + Multi Service Tolls Card

For less frequent users, a pre-pay Go-Box can be obtained at a Go-Point with a Multi Service Tolls card and the vehicle registration papers. An overview of all the ‘Go-Points of sale’ can be downloaded or checked on this live map. (Click on ‘Vertriebstellen Go-Box’ on the right side of the page).

3. Post-paid German OBU / Toll 2 Go

In case a German OBU is installed it is possible to have the OBU registered for Austrian toll as well. Check the Asfinag website for the online registration procedure (select your preferred language at the top right). Go to the tab “Self Care” (middle of the screen on the top) and click on “USE TOLL COLLECT OBU IN AUSTRIA” and fill in the requested data. When asked for means of payment, select ‘fuel card’ then select ‘MS Europe’.  


  • Make sure you don’t pay too much by checking the EURONORM of your trucks with the self-care portal.
  • For registration, you are allowed to use copies of the vehicle registration papers.
  • Using a pre-pay Go-Box requires a deposit which you get back when the box is returned.
  • In case you need to register more trucks, please fill out the document Application form annex (more 10 truck) and add it to the registration form.
  • Ordering a new Go-Box will costs € 5 per OBU for initialization costs.

More information about the prices and maps can be found here.

Increased toll prices 2017:
The basic mileage rate will increase by 9.5% (on average).
In addition to air pollution (EURO emission classes), also noise exposure will be charged in 2017.

Your new tariff will include:
– Basic infrastructure mileage fee
– Additional fee for air pollution
– Additional fee for noise exposure

Go-Box OBU/pending order blocking procedure in MyTolls

If the vehicle registration is no longer needed or the Go-Box is lost or stolen, you need to report this in order to have the registration removed from the contract.

If the Go-Box hasn’t been picked up please go to point 1.
If the Go-Box has been picked up but is lost or stolen, please go to point 2.

  1. No OBU ID – Go-Box hasn’t been picked up

If the Go-Box hasn’t been picked up it appears in MyTolls as a pending order. It can be closed with an email which should be send to your Fleetserviceteam. The following information has to be included in the email:

  • Customer name + customer number
  • License plate

The Go-Box pending order entry will disappear from MyTolls.

  1. With OBU ID (Go-Box stolen or lost, the OBU ID can be found in MyTolls)

The OBU and account contract has to be terminated with help of a form. The filled in form has to be send to your Fleetserviceteam. The document can be downloaded below.

If the OBU has been blocked, the next day the Go-Box will appear in MyTolls as Terminated. The Toll Charger might charge costs depending of the OBU life cycle. These costs will be invoiced on your Multi Service Tolls invoice.



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