Italy Support

Italy Support

Toll payment options include:

Discounts with the Italian Consortium

Would you like to obtain an annual discount up to 32.5% off the motorway toll you pay in Italy?
Companies established in an EU-country that carry out the transportation of goods can obtain a partial refund of the motorway tolls paid with VIAcard/Telepass by entering a consortium (for free)!

What should you do?

  • Complete the registration form (the Italian version) and sign. You can download a translated copy, but we need the Italian version. MSTS Tolls will pay the registration fee of EUR 5,-.
  • Please include a legible photocopy of a valid piece of identification of the person who is authorized to sign for the company.
  • Also please include a copy of a valid EU permit (issued by the competent authority).

Terms and Conditions about the Italian Consortium will be sent to you on request.

How large is the discount?

The total annual expenditure of the consortium (the total of all the members’ annual expenditure) will count as a basis for the calculation of the future discount. As a member of the Italy Consortium, you will always receive the highest possible discount.

Note: Busses cannot become members of the Italian Consortium.


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