LSVA - Swiss Toll Support

LSVA – Swiss Toll Support


A special registration card is mandatory for Switzerland. However, you can easily pay with the MSTS Tolls card that can be ordered through MyTolls.

How to Get Started (without registration):


The LSVA/ID card is needed to pay Swiss toll can be picked up at the border when entering Switzerland for the first time (with a registration document).

How to Pay with MSTS Tolls card(after first registration):

Locate a LSVA terminal. You will need the LSVA/ID Card and MSTS Tolls card. Insert the ID card into the terminal. Select the required language and enter the requested data:

  • Current mileage on the towing vehicle
  • Trailer «Yes» or «No»
    • If «Yes»: maximum permitted total weight (max. t) of the trailer
  • Select MSTS Tolls card as method of payment
      • Select ‘fuel card’ followed by ‘MS Europe’/ ‘MSTS Tolls’
  • When leaving Switzerland, write down the current mileage on the receipt and sign
    • Hand over the receipt at the border to the custom official


Note: Any mistakes with the recorded mileage of your vehicle will cost you the longest route tariff.

More information about the prices and maps can be found here.


LSVA Registration Form How to pay for Swiss toll