Premid Support

Premid Support

Paying tolls in the Czech Republic is possible with two different ways: a post-pay or pre-pay Premid box. These must always be used in combination with a MSTS Tolls card.


If you wish a post-pay Premid box option you have to do the following.
1. Sign the agreement form (will need the original document). Please check how to fill in  the agreement correctly. Also include a copy of license plate certificates, Euronorm, a legible photocopy of a valid piece of identification of the person who is authorized to sign for the company, Chamber of Commerce.
2. Use MyTolls to order a Premid box for the specific truck.
3. Email the signed agreement form to and send the original copy by regular mail to Multi Service Tolls.
4. When a post – pay Premid box is ordered, the order will be set under the status of ‘Placed’ until all required documentation has been received.
5. Once the original documentation has been received, it will be checked and if this is correct and complete, the order will be processed in our system.


To get a pre-pay Premid, take your MSTS Tolls card and all original truck papers to a contact or distribution point. You will then fill out the registration form.

Please note: we require the original documentation to order the OBU to be sent to us per post.

If the documentation is incomplete or incorrect, the order cannot be processed and we will have to return/request new documentation.

For more information about how to fill the contract correctly and about all needed documents, please check below the Premid Documentations and How to fill the contract.


  • You have to pay a deposit of € 54 for the Premid box. When you return the Premid box in good condition, the deposit will be returned.
  • Busses are also responsible for paying tolls in the Czech Republic. Tolls are applicable to vehicles that are registered to carry ten or more people, including the driver.
  • If you are not the legal representative and you want to sign the Post-pay agreement you need to fill in an additional document: Form Revocation of Power of Attorney. Which need to be signed by the legal representative. We advise you always doing this if the legal representative does want to sign all the order forms in case of new trucks.
  • We can’t return onboard units that haven’t been purchased in a Post Pay scheme. You can return your onboard unit at any Contact or Distribution Point.

More information about the prices and maps can be found here.

Premid Box OBU/account ID blocking procedure:

If the vehicle registration is no longer needed or the Premid Box is lost or stolen, you need to report this in order to have the registration removed from your Myto CZ contract.

  • If the Premid Box hasn’t been picked up and the account is not older than 14 days please go to point 1.
  • If the OBU Account is older than 14 days or Premid box has been picked up but is lost or stolen, please go to point 2.
  1. No OBU ID – account is not older than 14 days.
    Even if the Premid hasn’t been picked up it appears in MyTolls as an active product. This can be resolved with a simple email to your Fleetserviceteam.
    The following information has to be included in the email:
  • OBU Account ID CZ7083800XXXXXXXXX-1234567 (Only the bold digits. The OBU Account ID can be found in MyTolls)
  • License plate
  • Customer name + Customer number
  • Reason of blocking. The most suitable is ‘wrong registration’.

If the OBU Account has been blocked by the supplier, the next day the Premid OBU will appear in MyTolls as Terminated.

  1. With OBU ID (Premid is stolen or lost) or OBU Account ID is older than 14 days

The account has to be blocked with help of a form. The original and completed document should be sent to Multi Service Tolls by post. The required document can be downloaded below.If the OBU has been blocked by the supplier, the next day the Premid will appear in MyTolls as Terminated. No deposit will be refunded.

  1. Contract termination

If you no longer use your Premid OBU, you should terminate the contract with MytoCZ. In order to do that, please fill in the Termination Agreement, sign it and send back to us by post with a copy of your ID.


Contract How to fill in the contract Premid Documentation Order form Form Revocation of Power of Attorney  Contact Points Distribution Points Emission Classes Stolen/Lost document MytoCZ Termination of Agreement