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Information invoicing Satellic OBU

What information is on the Satellic Portal?

Your billing documents are created every 14 days for all trips that were processed in our central system during the billing period. This means that you will not be billed on a fixed day.

Standard versus optional documents

You will receive one separate bill for each of the 3 regions in Belgium, being the Flanders region, the Walloon region and the Brussels region. The total of the billed amounts is shown on the recapitulation sheet.

There are 2 more documents available which are optional.

  • The first one is the detailed trip statement which shows you all the trips that you made in the last 14 days.
  • The second one is the fleet overview which gives you the total amount you have to pay for all the vehicles registered on your account per recapitulation sheet.

On the Road User Portal, you can select to receive these documents via ‘My account’ – ‘Manage Account’. Search for Billing information and select “collective payment grouping”.

Language of billing documents

Because of the Belgian language laws, you will receive a separate bill for each region in the language of that particular region.

Satellic overzicht talen

The billing documents are generated for each “vehicle details-OBU-payment method” combination. This means that if you change your emission class or payment method halfway through the billing period, you will receive two sets of billing documents at the end of the 14-day billing period – one for each vehicle combination that you created.


2. What information is on the MSTS Tolls invoice?
To our great disappointment, Satellic provided only the total costs per truck per period. For any other information, please consult the Satellic Portal.

Return Satellic OBU for switch to MSTS Tolls Solution

Return Your Satellic OBU and receive your deposit after the switch to MSTS Tolls Solution.

The deposit of the Satellic OBU will be credited to your account.

Make sure that:

*Your bank account information is entered in your Satellic account.

Download more information and instruction

Please note that the deposit cannot be refunded via the MSTS Tolls card despite many requests by fleet cards such as MSTS Tolls.

Issues using Satellic OBU

Blocked OBUs

OBUs can be blocked for several reasons. To find out why your OBU has been blocked, you need to use the navigation key on the OBU (downward arrow or right arrow). A new line will appear with an explanation as to why the OBU has been blocked. The most common reason is that the files uploaded via MyTolls do not match with the entered truck data. If the files in MyTolls are incorrect, please upload the correct files. Note: Satellic verifies all vehicle documents. When all the documentation is correct, the OBU will be unblocked.

Defected OBUs

If you have a defected OBU, the best thing to do is to keep using the unit until you have received a new one. Satellic mentions that it is better to have a defected OBU than no OBU at all! Defected OBUs can be either sent back to Satellic or returned to a Satellic service point. We strongly advise you to do this through the Satellic Portal where you will be able to deconnect the OBU yourself and you receive info about the deposit.

Post-Paid/Pre-paid Ordered OBUs at a Service Station

The (pre-paid) Satellic OBUs ordered at a service are not automatically visible in the Satellic account. At a service point, there will be a screen that asks the driver whether there is already an existing account or not. Click on “Yes” and the link will be automatically created. If you select “No”, the OBU is directly linked to a vehicle rather than to a Satellic account. This OBU/vehicle is not visible in the Satellic account. However, it is possible to link them. In order to do so, we will need the following information: • License plate • Country (CC) • PIN This information is printed on a voucher/receipt which notes when the driver should pick up the OBU. Please email this information to When we have this information, we can disconnect the OBU. Without this information, we will not be able to disconnect

Pre-paid Ordered OBU Balance

How do you prevent the loss of remaining balance when switching from a pre-paid to post-paid Satellic OBU?

You have two options:

  1. The rest of your prepaid amount will be deducted from your first post-paid invoice. If the amount is more than the invoice, the difference will be refunded to your account after the first bill run.
  2. Place a new OBU order (linked to your Satellic account) then return the pre-paid OBU. Satellic will check if the device functions properly and transfer the remaining balance and the deposit to your bank account.
Satellic OBU status pending .............

If the status of the OBU Satellic the Satellic portal stays as “requested”, such as “requested decoupling”. To reconnect the Satellic OBU and ensure the status is changed to, for example, “decoupled”:

  1. Disconnect the OBU from the power supply;
  2. Wait until all lights on the OBU are off;
  3. Wait at least two minutes;
  4. Connect the truck so that the OBU is receiving power;
  5. Press the checkmark on the OBU.
Satellic OBU status requested decoupling

If the status of your OBU stays on “requested decoupling” for an extended period, please do the following:

  • Make OBU connection – This can only be done when the OBU is plugged into the truck and when the truck is moving. By doing this, a GPS connection is created. Thereafter the OBU can be disconnected.
  • If the truck is moving but the problem still persists, please contact Satellic customer support.
  • They will forward this issue to their IT department, who will reboot the OBU remotely so that decoupling can take place (in this case decoupling will be done when the truck is stationary). Unfortunately, they cannot give a clear answer about how soon and when this will happenThe last option is to order a new OBU, which will be sent to you. The other OBU can be handed in at a service point or returned to Satellic.
Tracking Emails From Satellic

Have you not received the tracking emails from Satellic? These are sent to the email address that was provided on the mandate for the Belgian Toll. If this is email address is correct, please contact Satellic by phone and choose ‘option 4’. Keep your Satellic client number at hand. With this client number it’s possible to track your order and check inquire about the tracking email.

Satellic OBU need to knows

No Satellic OBU and need one directly

Toll Terminal 5150914105906 If you do not have a Satellic OBU or your order has not yet been completed, you can use our MSTS Tolls card to get a post-paid Satellic OBU at the border. You will need to go to a Satellic service point. Make sure you have your vehicle documents and the MSTS Tolls card with you, and that the license plate number matches. Note: Order at the service a postpaid OBU.Order not a prepaid OBU

Technical issues with Satellic OBU

Customers have experienced various technical issues with the Satellic OBU. This weekend, there will be a software update that will hopefully resolves these issues. In order to perform the update successfully, it is important to have the OBUs enabled.
If you can’t update, then you can do the following: go to the Satellic portal, select “disconnect the OBUs” and then “connect” again with the same license plate number. Then choose the MSTS Tolls card for payment.
Note: if you see ‘Not Ready’ at the OBU screen, this means that the OBU is currently updating. This update will usually take around 30 minutes.

No deposit for Satellic OBU

For all customers, the Satellic OBU deposit will not (yet) be billed to you. This applies whether you ordered through MyTolls or picked up a pre-paid OBU at a service point using a MSTS Tolls card. Messages from Satellic regarding the deposit are incorrect. We will pay the deposit for you at this time.

Use of Satellic OBU

On average, it takes 10 minutgroen lampjees to start the OBU.  If the green light is on, you can use the unit to pay for the Belgium toll.  Our advice: Connect the Satellic OBU before departure to ensure it is working properly.

Using Satellic OBU via cigarette lighter

You will need to press “OK” each time when you start the vehicle to activate the Satellic OBU

Red light while driving through Belgium

Call Satellic customer service directly (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free access) at 00800 72 83 55 42 (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany) or +32 2416 0 416 for the rest of Europe.
Satellic has a new special page for all messages that appear when the red light on your Satllic OBU is on. Check out the link for all types of notifications. Please note that they made distinction between a permanent connection and connection via the cigarette lighter.

Return Satellic OBU

Make sure that:

*Your bank account information is entered in your Satellic account.

*You send all the Satellic OBUs in one box to Satellic.

Download more information and instruction

Please note that the deposit cannot be refunded via the MSTS Tolls card despite many requests by fleet cards such as MSTS Tolls.

Satellic OBU truck change

If you need to update your truck information, you can do so through Satellic and MSTS Tolls (please allow two working days). At this time, we recommend completing this yourself via the Satellic portal.

Note: Disconnecting is only possible if the Satellic OBU is online. You will want to make sure that the OBU is disconnected immediately in the Satellic portal in order for it to be relinked to another truck. 

Registration and order issues with Satellic

Beneath we provide a few useful tips on how to best deal with the different questions at hand. MSTS Tolls strongly recommends to take notice of the following:

Currently Satellic is sending large amounts of emails directly to you as a result of vehicle registrations and because of orders we have placed for you. These emails may look standard, but we strongly recommend to read all Satellic emails. Even though many are ‘standard’, some may contain information which is important and requires your immediate attention. It involves the following types of emails:

1. Registered vehicle
  • You receive an email per registered vehicle with the subject ‘Your vehicle’s registration’.
  • This may contain a confirmation of the correct registration, but it could also a notification of incomplete registration. Possible reasons for incomplete registration are unclear vehicle documents, or vehicle information which does not match the vehicle data you have uploaded.
    Our advise: In case of emails from Satellic about incomplete registration, please forward these emails to We can then take care of correction through MyTolls, if needed.
    Important: add EVERY TIME your name, telephone number and customer number to these forwarded mails so we can contact you in case there is need for it. Should your vehicle registration documents be too unclear to use, or to read, or if they are incomplete, please also add to your mail readable and complete registration documents (in PDF). Attention: the ‘maximum permissible weight’ and ‘Euronorm’ have to be included! If not, please provide additional proof.
2. Delivery of OBU's

It has come to our attention the delivery of OBU’s to customers is not as effective as it could be. The following situations may occur:

  1. The OBU’s are offered by postal courier only once. If delivery was unsuccessful in that case, a new order has to be placed for these OBU’s in MyTolls. In such cases, please notify us by email at and add your name, telephone number, customer number and (to be sure) the correct delivery address.
  2. Unfortunately, sometimes Satellic supplies the OBU’s to its customers without a list of the relevant license plates to which they would be linked. In such cases you can: -look up the linked OBU’s with license plates on your Satellic account. -power up the OBU’s, switch it on, and the license plate will appear on the display.
  3. It is also possible that you have received your entire delivery correctly, but the postal courier has not reported the entire shipment as delivered, perhaps because of partial shipments or a neglect to scan the shipment upon delivery. Again, in such cases, you can let us know on with your contact information and we will notify Satellic.
3. Delivered OBU's

Multi Service has also received information on OBU’s which do not function properly after delivery.
We advise to test your OBU upon receiving them by powering them up, switching them on, and checking the license plate information on the display.


Please Note: ViaPass, the Belgian toll operator, requires a proper copy of the vehicle documentation (in PDF) no matter what OBU you would like to use. On every vehicle document the Euronorm and the maximum permissible weight must be provided. We will share this information with ViaPass. Incorrect information can cause fines, which we are forced to invoice to you. Avoid fines and make sure the correct vehicle documentation is submitted in MyTolls.

You can easily do this via MyTolls. Even your vehicle documentation can be uploaded in MyTolls.

No MyTolls account?

No MyTolls account yet?
Inquire about an account by You are advised to upload up-to-date vehicle data and documents as soon as possible. Login in MyTolls Log in via this link and click ‘Login MyTolls’ (No login?: Send an email request with your customer number to

Important: Correct truck data in MyTolls

-Check if all vehicles show the correct truck data (pay attention to the maximum permissible weight and the Euronorm).
-Check if the vehicle documents are legible and clearly scanned, and the Euronorm and maximum permissible weight is filled in on the document! For some countries, this can be required on multiple documents.
-Make sure that all vehicle documents are uploaded in MyTolls.
truck registration mytolls


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