Slovenian Toll Support

DarsGo is a modern electronic tolling system in free traffic flow, which applies to vehicles whose maximum permissible weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes. Tolling will be made possible with the help of a special DarsGo unit installed in the vehicle. Customers should register in the DarsGO system using the DARS portal at or at the DarsGO Service.

Payment of Tolls is made by MSTS Tolls Card in the following regimes:



  • After receiving the DarsGO Unit (OBU) connect it with a MSTS Tolls card and use the OBU seamlessly in Slovenia to pay for tolls without having to stop tolling stations.
  • With Postpaid method we will invoice you in accordance to your invoice schedule.


  • Top-Up the DarsGO Unit (OBU) using a MSTS Tolls card at DarsGO Service, and Dars Service partner.
  • Suitable for customers who travel occasionally to Slovenia.

NB After every change of a MSTS Tolls card (e.g. renewal ) it is always the responsibility of the customer to re-link the MSTS card to the DarsGo OBU, in order to prevent the DarsGo OBU from being changed into a PrePay solution.

For more information about registration, payment and other questions please read the DarsGo information sheet.

DarsGo Toll rates can be found here and calculated here.