Telepass Support

Telepass Support

The toll roads in Italy can be paid manually at the toll stations or with an OBU (On-Board Unit). Both products can be ordered in MyTolls.


For manual payment at a toll booth, you need to order a VIAcard in MyTolls. No other registration forms are needed and the card will be sent to you.

On-Board Unit (OBU)

For automatic gate opening, the Telepass can be ordered in MyTolls. The OBU helps reduce waiting time with specific Telepass lanes marked in blue.

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  • Italian toll payments made with the VIAcard are charged yearly (€ 15 per account + less than € 2,00 per additional VIAcard) and payments made with the Telepass are charged monthly (€ 3,20).
  • If an OBU is no longer needed, you can choose to keep the VIAcard for incidental use and return the OBU, or return both the VIAcard and OBU to stop all future fees.
  • The Telepass can only be ordered in combination with a valid VIAcard. It is an additional product and does not replace the VIAcard. The Telepass will have to be linked by MSTS Tolls to a new or existing VIAcard.



Theft/lost form VIAcard and Telepass