United Kingdom Support

United Kingdom Support

The HGV Levy Pay

Before entering the UK, the HGV Levy must be paid!

You can easily pay the HGV Levy with your Multi Service Tolls card, which can be ordered through MyTolls. The tax has many similarities with the Eurovignettes in the Netherlands: different fees depending on the total, weight, number of axles and the type of vehicle driven.

The HGV Levy can be paid in three different ways:

  1. Through the online portal of the UK government
  2. On the ferry to England
  3. On a Point-of-Sale (POS) device

Our Advice

Multi Service Tolls recommends that you create an online account and pay with your Multi Service Tolls card. Vignettes can be ordered for an individual truck by the driver or a manager, who can also make changes to trucks.

Key benefits of the online account:

  • Store information about trucks, cards and vignettes
  • Drivers do not have to stop and/or pay anything
  • Opportunities to apply for a refund
  • Receive a notification if a vignette is about to expire
  • Ability to upload all truck information at once
  • Can be paid online using the UK government website (link) where you are able to connect with the Multi Service Tolls card or at several Pay and Go Points.


Note: Your truck needs to be registered in MyTolls. Otherwise, it is not possible to pay the HGV Levy.

Changing method of payment

Go to the ‘Payments’ section and click the ‘Payment cards’ option. Search for the fuel card you want to remove, and then simply click ‘Remove’. Select only for the Multi Service Tolls card.

More information about the prices and maps can be found here.
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