Hungarian Toll Network Extended

Hungarian Toll Network Extended

Expansion of Hungarian Tolls

As of July, the new highway M43-A1 that connects Makó, Romania and Nagylak, Hungary is subjected to toll. Payment options are the same as all other Hungarian toll roads: via an OBU, booking your tickets online, or stopping at a terminal.

To find out where you can buy your tickets, check the list of terminals.

Post-Pay for Hungarian Toll

Multi Service Tolls will soon introduce a unique payment solution for Hungary: a post-pay toll payment solution. We would love to hear your feedback on how you are currently paying tolls in Hungary. Share your information using this form to help us provide the best service.

Pay the benefits of post-pay

  • No need to load a pre-pay account
  • Never stop at a terminal for tickets
  • No more booking tickets online

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