Mancati Pagamenti – important notification

Mancati Pagamenti – important notification

The motorway company, Autostrada Brescia-Verona-Vicenza-Padova, has announced it will no longer accept mancati pagamenti requests older than 15 days to be charged to the customer’s account. These mancati pagamenti can only be paid directly via a credit card.

For more information or to pay your tickets online via a credit card, please visit:

Motorway company, Ativa, will still accept payment requests older than 15 days for foreign companies, if these requests are made within 1 month. These mancati pagamenti can still be submitted via Multi Service Tolls.

Please note, Multi Service Tolls is not liable for any costs or losses occurred when your drivers are stopped by the police for payments of the mancati pagam made more than 15 days after issuance.

To avoid additional losses and costs, Multi Service Tolls recommends prompt payment of Mancati Pagementi to ensure it is resolved within 15 days of its issue.


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