MyTolls document upload Belgium toll and more..

MyTolls document upload Belgium toll and more..

Truck documentation in MyTolls becomes more and more important

tolls-icons-08Please upload documentation for every truck so we can process your orders at any time and this will help you avoid fines.

Satellic OBU
If you use Satellic OBU, you are responsible for the quality of the vehicle document and including all mandatory information. Make sure that the document includes both the front and backside of the truck document. If it does not, Satellic can charge a fine of EUR 100 for every incorrect vehicle document.

Multi Service Toll Box
If you use the Multi Service Toll Box, a vehicle document is also required. For each Multi Service Toll Box (whether used for Belgium or not), correct vehicle documents with all mandatory information is required. Please upload the correct information, or you could receive a fine per incorrect vehicle document.

document upload in MyTolls

Poland, Austria and Czech Republic

As of April 1, 2016, truck documentation will also be required in these three countries.

Not on the Vehicle Document 
A second document needs to be uploaded called ‘proof of Euronorm’.

Our Advice:
By uploading truck documentation for all your vehicles, you can avoid unnecessary fines and keep the possibility of ordering future products open.

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