New payment method for Dartford Crossing

New payment method for Dartford Crossing

New payment method for Dartford Crossing

Changes for Dartford Crossing
Please note that paying cash or with the Dart Tag on the Dartford Crossing will no longer be an option. Beginning on the 30th of November, it will no longer be possible to pay in cash or to use the Dart Tag on the Dartford Crossing.

Our advice

We recommend you create an online Pre-pay account. This is the best possible payment solution for little and regular usage of the Dartford Crossing. This will also allow you to pay a slightly lower rate.

A Multi Service Prepaid Card is a great option to pay for this account. Click here to visit the Multi Service Prepaid website.

How do I set up a Pre-pay account?

  • If you already have a DART Tag account you won’t need to set up a new account. You can simply transfer to your Dart Charge and keep your existing balance. You’ll receive personalized instructions shortly on how to do this. Make sure the contact details on your DART Tag account are up-to-date so they send them to the correct place. More information about how to migrate your existing DART Tag account can be found here.
  • New customers can set up a Pre-pay account online now, which will be ready to use on 30 November, 2014. More information about how to register a new DART-Charge account can be found here.

What options do I have to pay the DART-Charge online account?
Credit or debit card are the best options. UK bank account details will be necessary if you wish to automatically top off your account by Direct Debit.

What are the new prices for the Dartford Crossing?
Up to 2 axles, you pay € 3.85 without an account and with a Dart Charge Account, you pay only € 3.36. If your trucks have multiple axles, you pay € 9.83 compared with just € 6.64 with a Dart Charge account.


What are the opportunities for payment of Dartford?
Payment can be made via phone, on certain “payzones,” by post and through an online account.

Where can I create a Dart Charge Account?
The portal is open now!

What is the Vehicle classification?

Pleae Note
Do not use these payments methods yet. Dart Charge will begin at 6am on 30 November, 2014


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