New functions MyTolls live!

New functions MyTolls live!
MyTolls has some new features available! Per the 1st of November, you will be able to use MyTolls to modify and block your products with a simple mouse click. You no longer need to contact your Fleetserviceteam to modify your products.  No MyTolls account yet? Contact your Fleetserviceteam!
1. Product blocking
Your MyTolls product screen will now have a “Block Modus” available.
This works the same as ordering products; you simply tick the box for the product you would like to block.
If necessary, you can immediately request a product replacement as well.
2. Multiple modifications
MyTolls is also making it easy to modify multiple products at once.
You may select a modification action from the drop down menu for the selected vehicle(s) and click submit.

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