Process inactive Premid OBU

Process inactive Premid OBU
Premid OBU’s which have not generated transactions in the past 12 months, will be deactivated per 14-11-2016. The corresponding accounts will also be deactivated.
Return the OBU:
– Prepaid OBU: These need to be handed in in person at a Contact or Distribution location
– Postpay OBU: These need to be hand in by the person mentioned in the User agreement
If you would like to keep using the Premid OBU, after yours has been deactivated, you are required to obtain a new OBU. You may purchase these at one of the following locations:
– Prepaid OBU: At the Contact or Distribution location
– Postpay OBU: The in advance registered contact person (mentioned in the User Agreement) may purchase these at the Contact or FCI office (Fleet Card User). Until that moment you may use a prepaid OBU.
In September, registered users will receive more information in regards to this process. Non-registered users may read more information on the website:

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