A2 Poland

A2 Poland

One of the most important roads for fleets operating in Poland is the A2, which is vital for transport within the East-West corridor. ViaBOX, which is a tolls payment solution for other roads in Poland, is not an option for the A2. The only way to pay at a toll booth is either with cash or a credit card, which makes the Multi Service Tolls Card your best possible payment solution.

Using the Multi Service Tolls Card provides you with consolidated billing, a clear specified invoice for your Polish toll expenses and the best customer service and experience in the industry.


Autostrada-Eielkopolska The main part of the A2 is owned by the consortium Autostrada Wielkopolska and contains almost 260 kilometers. This toll road starts at the German border near Frankfurt an der Oder and ends in Konin (near Lodz).

Note: For the A2 in Poland, you should do a VAT refund (unlike your viaTOLL transactions).

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