Use The MSTS Tolls Solution for Belgian Tolls

Fleets wanting a cost-effective and efficient solution for Belgian tolls should use the MSTS Tolls Solution. The interoperable OBU can be used for Spain, Portugal, France, Liefkenshoektunnel, and Belgium. Four countries (plus the tunnel)…one box.

Current customers that already have their trucks equipped with the MSTS Tolls Solution don’t have to do anything. You are ready to go for Belgium tolls.

Transport companies that would like the interoperable MSTS Tolls Solution as their Belgian tolls solution can fill out the contact form to the right. An account executive will contact you shortly.

For transport companies that only operate in Belgium and prefer the Satellic solution, we can offer that too. Please fill out the form to the right to get started!

Belgian Tolls Basics
  • Belgium has introduced  a new tolls system on 1 April 2016
  • All trucks driving on the Belgian road network with a weight greater than 3.5 tonnes are required to pay tolls with an On-Board Unit (OBU)
  • You can use the MSTS Tolls Solutionfor Belgian Toll payments
Product Overview

Per 1 April 2016, Belgium has introduced a new Tolls system. All trucks with a weight of more than 3.5 tonnes driving on the Belgian road network will have to pay a toll using an On-Board Unit (OBU), which are available now. MSTS Tolls offers the MSTS Tolls Solution which is an interoperable solution that covers Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal (plus the Liefkenshoektunnel). There is a monthly rental fee per OBU with this option. For transport companies that operate only in Belgium, they may prefer the to use a Satellic OBU, which requires a €135 refundable deposit per OBU. For companies interested in the Satellic solution, MSTS Tolls can handle paperwork and connect your MSTS Tolls card to the Satellic account ensuring MSTS Tolls is the billing partner.

FAQ Belgian Toll
  • What trucks have to pay the toll?
    Each truck with a maximum permissible weight of at least 3.5 tons will have to pay.
  • What kind of system will be used?
    A satellite technology system has been developed for distance-based tolls, including OBUs.
  • What is the deposit for the MSTS Tolls Solution?
    There is no deposit required for a MSTS Tolls Solution. There is a monthly rental fee, per OBU, that is required.
  • What is the deposit for the Satellic OBU?
    Each OBU requires a deposit of € 135. Satellic rents the OBUs, so the deposit will be refunded upon return of the OBU.
  • What factors affect the toll rates?
    There are 4 affecting factors: the total permissible weight, the type of road, the Euro standard and the type of vehicle.
  • Should I still pay for Eurovignettes when the Belgian toll begins?
    No, that is not required for Belgium. However, it is still necessary if you are driving through the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and/or Luxembourg.
  • Is the toll subject to VAT?
    In Flanders and Brussels, the toll is not subject to VAT. In Wallonia, the toll is subject to VAT because these roads are managed by Sofico, the Walloon company for the additional financing of infrastructure.

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