Product Overview

Using the BroBizz device allows you to make toll payments on the Autopass network in Norway and always pay the lowest price. The device can also be used for the payment on both the Storebælt bridge and the Øresund bridge in Denmark as well as the bridge connecting Norway and Sweden, all with the highest possible discounts.

The BroBizz device is an on board unit (OBU) with no expiration date, so it can be used indefinitely. The OBU has an additional advantage of a drive-through method in which a truck can pass through on a separate green BroBizz strip while paying the toll electronically for quick passage.

There are no deposit fees! Multi Service Tolls will be liable for all transactions made by its customers in relation to BroBizz.

Lost, stolen or problems?

For terminations and changes in case of theft/loss, defect or truck change please visit our customer support page.

Brobizz Prices