Czech Tolls


Product Overview

Beginning December 1, 2019, the CzechToll will manage the electronic toll collection system in the Czech Republic.

Re-register in the new system and equip your fleet with a new onboard unit, MYTO CZ, via the Point of Sale or the Customer Zone. MYTO CZ uses a satellite (GNSS) to define and record the location of a vehicle.

The required deposit for the OBU can be paid with your MSTS Tolls card.

The device requires a connection to a power source, but a battery will allow you to continue operation for a limited period of time without being connected to the vehicle’s power source. The OBU has an option of fixed installation.

You can choose between pre-paid or post-paid payment methods for Czech Tolls.

  • Pre-paid is best suited for fleets occasionally traveling in the Czech Republic. It requires a pre-loaded MSTS TOLLS card.
  • Post-paid simplifies toll payments for frequent users of Czech motorways and requires a contract.

Return your Premid OBU to the original toll operator Kapsch.

Please contact us in case you have any questions.


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