Fréjus Card


Product Overview

With the Fréjus card you can conveniently pay your passage through the Fréjus tunnel and the Mont Blanc tunnel. The Fréjus tunnel is almost thirteen kilometers long and runs from Modane in France to Bardonecchia in Italy.

Multi Service Tolls chooses the best payment method for you. Multi Service Tolls receives and pays all invoices.

The Fréjus card has no expiration date, and with Multi Service Tolls you can benefit from extra high discounts levels.

Multi Service Tolls takes care of:

  • Application and maintenance of the tunnel card(s)
  • Payments to the tunnel company
  • Issue and maintenance of the required bank guarantees

Multi Service Tolls provides:

  • Details of the costs incurred, sorted by card number and license plate
  • Daily cumulative management information
  • Electronically supplied information
  • Digital information tailored to your administration software

Additional information:

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Lost, stolen or problems?

For terminations and changes in case of theft/loss, defect or truck change please visit our customer support page.