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Germany is located in the centre of Europe. This makes the country a junction point for professional international traffic flow, but the increase of international transport has put a considerable burden on German motorways. To guarantee the quality of the roads, toll roads have been established. The tolls collected on all 12,000 kilometers of the motorway are used to maintain and extend existing roads for improved driving conditions. On behalf of the government, Toll Collect is responsible for the maintenance of the toll system and collecting toll revenues.

A modern toll system offers several payment possibilities including automatic payment, through inboard on board units (OBU’s), by internet or manually. Multi Service Tolls receives and pays all invoices with all transaction data shown on our crystal clear cumulative invoice, sorted by card number and license plate. The transaction data are provided to you quickly and efficiently, without the need for additional administrative handling


The OBU is used for the automatic registration and payment of rides with Toll Collect in Germany and only applies to trucks over 7.5 tons. This system is based on GPS satellite positioning.
Once the user has logged in to Toll Collect, the truck will be recorded in the Toll Collect system. At this point, the user has the choice to equip with an OBU. The OBU allows the driver a non-stop ride through Germany with the toll-kilometers recorded automatically.

The OBU need to be built-in at one of the Toll Collect service partners with costs associated determined by the service partner. These include mainly labor costs and not the cost of the OBU itself.
On this website you can block a Multi Service Tolls Card or report changes in case of theft/loss or defect. These options are found in the main menu. To report a theft/loss or defect of the Fahrzeugkarte or OBU we refer you to Toll Collect. Obviously we can be of service if any problems occur.

Lost, stolen or problems?

For terminations and changes in case of theft/loss, defect or truck change please visit our customer support page.

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