Hungarian Toll

HU-GOs550 hungarian OBU no backround

Product Overview

In Hungary, you can pay tolls conveniently using a Hu-GO OBU or you can pay manually. Booking manually can be done online or at the terminal. The vehicle owner can choose to pay tolls automatically, either by pre-paying or using a post-pay system. Multi Service Tolls offers the post-pay payment option only, which is unique in the market right now.


Paying Toll post-pay with Multi Service Tolls is a unique offer 

Never worry with post-pay:

  1. Load up your pre-pay account
  2. Stop at a gas station to buy toll tickets
  3. Book tickets online for each truck

Lost, stolen or other concerns?

For terminations and changes in case of theft/loss, defect or truck change, please visit our customer support page.

More Information

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