MSTS Tolls Card


Product Overview

The MSTS Tolls card is a unique, multi-functional toll payment card with robust features used to pay tolls in various European countries and the UK. Depending on the toll system, the card is connected to a toll box, or “OBU,” and can be presented as a normal payment card. The MSTS Tolls card is valid for 24 months, at the end of the term it is automatically renewed for an additional 24 months.

Prevent fraud with MSTS Tolls card

The MSTS Tolls card prevents fraud and allows you to set transaction limits by selecting the countries your fleet can use the card, with regional blocking features.

How is the MSTS Tolls Card used?

In combination with an OBU

In combination with

an OBU

  • GO-Box in Austria
  • Premid in the Czech Republic
  • ViaBOX in Poland
  • DARSGO Unit in Slovenia
For payment methods

For payment methods:

  • Tolls in Slovakia
  • Terminals in Germany
  • Purchase of Eurovignettes (NED, LUX, DEN,  SWE) via link
  • Toll (LSVA) in Switzerland
  • Great Saint Bernard Tunnel
  • Rola train
  • UK’s HGV Levy (terminal and online)
  • Poland’s A2
  • Belgium Toll (via the Satellic Portal and at a Service point)

How to enable purchasing fraud controls?

  • Set up regional blocking through MyTolls customer portal. 
  • On the card security screen choose the card(s) and click on the toll domains on the map to block.
  • You can block domains on your card for a set time
  • Set-up transactions limits for spending in selected domains.


Regional blocking map


To learn more or purchase MSTS Tolls cards for you fleet please contact us.

Lost, stolen or having problems?

For terminations and changes in case of theft/loss, defect or truck change please contact your Fleetserviceteam or visit our customer support page.