Proud to Be the Official Payment Solution Provider for Belgium Toll

Proud to Be the Official Payment Solution Provider for Belgium Toll

Proud to Be the Official Payment Solution Provider for Belgium Toll

Belgium TollOn April 1, 2016, a GPS toll system for trucks over 3.5 tonnes will be launched in Belgium. These toll costs can be paid with the Multi Service Tolls Card that will be linked to a new on-board unit. Multi Service Tolls is now officially a payment solution provider for Belgium Tolls, so payments can be done through your Multi Service Tolls account. You can officially register as of October 1, 2015.

Many things are still in development and we will keep you informed with updates. If you would like to stay up-to-date with Belgian toll news, please fill in the contact form.

FAQ Belgium Toll:

  • What trucks are required to pay the toll?
    Each truck with a maximum permissible weight of more than 3.5 tonnes will have to pay.
  • What kind of system will be used?
    Satellite technology system will be developed for distance-based tolls, including OBUs.
  • What is the deposit for the OBU?
    Each OBU requires a deposit of € 135. Instead of selling OBUs, Satellic rents them and the deposit will be refunded upon the return of the OBU.
  • What kind of OBUs will be available?
    Both pre-paid and post-paid OBUs will be available. These are linked to payment cards such as the Multi Service Tolls Card.
  • What factors affect the toll rates?
    There are 3 factors: the total permissible weight, the Euro standard and the type of vehicle.
  • Should I still pay for Eurovignettes when the Belgian toll is active?
    No, it is not needed for Belgium at this time, but is still necessary if you are driving through the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and/or Luxembourg.
  • Is the toll subject to VAT?
    In Flanders and Brussels, the toll is not subject to VAT. In Wallonia, the toll is subject to VAT because these roads are managed by Sofico, the Walloon company for the additional financing of infrastructure.

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