Road User Charging conference 2018

MSTS is a proud partner of the 15th annual Road User Charging Conference (7th and 8th March 2018, Brussels, Belgium). This two-day gathering of leading practitioners welcomed delegates from around the world and across sectors to encourage active discussion and peer-to-peer learning. Among topics addressed during the conference, the EETS was in a spotlight.

Inez Berkhof said: “The RUC conference has been a valuable event for MSTS as it is one of the leading Road User and Tolling conferences in Europe, giving us the opportunity to show our commitment and priority to remove friction and complexity of toll payments. During the conference, we had insightful conversations with multiple players in the tolling industry to help us provide even better services to our customers. I truly hope the in-depth knowledge about the market we shared will be helpful for attendees to understand how to introduce a tolling program in their respective country”.

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