Return VAT SOFICO, Wallonia

Return VAT SOFICO, Wallonia
The Belgian government has let us know the VAT refund for larger fleets, is not working properly. Customers, who receive over 60 invoices per quarter from SOFICO, may consolidate these and load them into the VAT refund system.
In the near future, SOFICO will switch to a monthly, consolidated invoice per transport company after which the below explained procedure is no longer needed.
– You are a transport company, established outside of Belgium
– You upload over 60 SOFICO invoices per quarter, into the VAT refund system of the country where you are established
Until 30 September 2016, you may:
– Upload the total VAT amount per month and the tax norm, into the VAT refund system
– Combine all invoices into a PDF-file which add up to the total amount
You are required to keep copies of all invoices in case of inspection

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