Toll Collect customer transaction report

Toll Collect customer transaction report

Due to the changes by Toll Collect, the customer transaction report has not been available for a while. However, we’re happy to announce that per the 5th of October, you can again receive your detailed Toll Collect invoice .

The invoice contains: Date, time, distance details and supplier details for each truck.
If you require additional information, you may register at Toll Collect for details such as exit and entry gate.

Please make sure you update your account details in the TC customer portal to reflect your own email address instead of the Multi Service Tolls email address. To change the mail address as an existing customer, you can find relevant information and instructions on our website:
This results in you receiving the Mautaufstellung and the Einzelfahrtennachweis notification directly from Toll Collect, in addition to the information you already receive as described above.

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