Toll Collect invoice changes

Toll Collect invoice changes

Toll Collect Changes as of June 1, 2016

To our disappointment, we have to inform you that you will no longer receive itemized journey lists as of June 1, 2016 for the German Toll. Toll Collect has changed its procedures to no longer allow the itemized journey lists (Einzelfahrten Nachweis) to be sent by email (as an attachment). And thus, can no longer be processed by us in the current manner, and may be used for the bill. After June 1, 2016, these itemized journey lists will only be available in the Toll Collect portal.

The advantage of the portal is that you can:

  • Add or unsubscribe trucks
  • Customize truck data
  • Receive itemized journey lists
  • Receive faster CSV

We are currently working on a new solution to process the relevant data back into our system. We are in discussion with Toll Collect and hope that they will contribute to a solution.

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