TOLL-EasyChange Gets Easier

TOLL-EasyChange Gets Easier

Toll-EasyChange, a service from Toll Collect, is making it easier for transport companies to change certain vehicle data.

It’s no longer necessary to visit a Toll Collect service partner for the following changes:

  • Exhaust Emission Class
  • Axle Number
  • Gross Vehicle Weight
  • License Plate Number / Country ID

This saves you time and money!

How can you use TOLL-EasyChange?

  1. Visit and download the Guide for Changing Vehicle Data form.
  2. After completing the Changing Vehicle Data form, send the form to the address provided on the document. If you are changing your license-plate number and/or country ID, please remember to attach a copy of the motor vehicle registration part 1, along with the completed Changing Vehicle Data form.

How Soon Will Changes Be Made?

The standard turn around time for processing forms is one day. Once your Changing Vehicle Form has been recieved, your on-board unit will display “NEW VEHICLE DATA REQUESTED.”

After your form has been processed, your OBU will display “VEHICLE DATA UPDATE” for a few seconds after turning the ignition.

For more information go to Toll Collect

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