Changes for Czech toll

Changes for Czech toll

Changes for Czech toll

New emission class from January 1, 2015

The Czech government currently has 5 emission classes. Starting next year there will be a new emission class, namely ‘class 6’, which applies to EEV (Euro 5 and EEV on YES) and Euronorm 6.  Avoid paying too much. Make sure your trucks are properly registered.

Make sure your trucks properly registered. You can do this in MyMST. If there are one or more incorrectly registered trucks please contact our service team via

 How can I check if my trucks are registered with the appropriate emission class? 

Login in MyMST –> go to Reports –> click on MyReports –> Download Truck Product List CSV Report 4.0 (on top) –> Select by Product Type: Premid –> Click on Create Report
(Example below).

Truck registration Premid

Are you sure your license plate is registered correctly? Then all you need to do is wait. We will contact you shortly.

 The prices for 2015 are yet available. Once known, we will communicate this in the newsletter and on our website.

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