Usage viaTOLL Post-pay box

Usage viaTOLL Post-pay box

New Procedure viaTOLL for adding viaTOLL Post-Pay boxes at contact pointsviabox

Starting on 01.09.2014, there will be a possibility to add vehicles with a new Post-Pay viaBOX at contact points to your existing, unique contract with Multi Service Tolls.

A driver has to provide the following documents to obtain the viaBOX at a contact point:

  •  Original registry card of a vehicle OR copy of registry card of a vehicle together
  • with the original power of attorney
  • Power of attorney, if an individual wanting to add a vehicle is not a party to the user contract
  • ID Card or passport
  • A copy of document confirming EURO norm
  • A copy of the Chamber of Commerce document

Our team is happy to  explain the benefit of the Multi Service Tolls Card in combination with the viaBOX.

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