Belgium-smAll motorways and the Liefkenshoek Tunnel in Belgium are subject to toll payment since 1990.

The Multi Service Toll Box On-Board Unit gives heavy vehicle categories access to this tunnel and allows you to benefit from preferential prices (up to a 40% reduction), without having to pay any additional tax, which is an additional benefit to saving time at the toll booth.

What We Do

What We Do

  • Application and maintenance of the Multi Service Toll Box (Incl. Liefkenshoektunnel)
  • Payments to the road tax office
  • Provide the required bank guarantees
  • VAT invoices


We Provide

  • Details of the toll costs, sorted by card number and truck
  • Daily financial management information
  • Digital information
Toll Information

Toll System: Multi Service Toll Box

Onboard Units: Yes

Vehicles required to pay tolls: 12 t and over / 3.5 t and over

Toll routes: All Motorways

Payment: Multi Toll Box (Incl. Liefkenshoektunnel)