Czech Republic

Czech-sm The Czech Republic is a country in development, with large multinationals finding their way to the country. Due to this development, road transportation has increased greatly. Now, a toll road sticker is required for all major roads and motorways in the Czech Republic for vehicles under 3.5 tonnes and registered toll will be collected for all trucks over 3.5 tonnes.

An On Board Unit (OBU) called Premid is used by the Czech government to collect Czech Republic tolls. This toll system offers the user numerous payment options.

Multi Service receives, collects and pays all invoices. All transactions are shown on our crystal clear invoice, sorted by license plate and box number. All transaction data are shown on our crystal clear cumulative invoice, sorted by card number and truck plate. A summary of the transaction data is provided to you quickly and efficiently, without the need for additional administrative handling

What We Do

What We Do

  • Application and maintenance of the Premid On Board Unit and Multi Service Tolls Card
  • Payment transactions to the Czech toll road authority
  • Payments of the Czech tolls


We Provide

  • Details of the toll costs, sorted by card number and truck
  • Daily financial management information
  • Digital information
Toll Information

Toll System: MYTO CZ

Onboard units Mandatory

Vehicles required to pay tolls: 3.5 t and over

Toll routes:All Motorways and First Class Roads

Payment: Multi Service Tolls Card and Premid

Description of toll system
Distance-based – amount due depends on use