ItalyThe total Italian road network, including the motorways called Autostrade, is approximately 7.163 kilometers long. 25 different independent toll road companies manage all portals nationwide. On the motorways, a kilometer related toll applies, and there are 2 options to pay Italian tolls: the VIAcard or the Telepass.

MSTS Tolls receives, collects and pays all invoices. All transactions are shown on our crystal clear invoice, sorted by license plate and box number. All transaction data are shown on our crystal clear cumulative invoice, sorted by card number and truck plate. A summary of the transaction data is provided to you quickly and efficiently, without the need for additional administrative handling.

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What We Do

What We Do

  • Application and maintenance of the VIAcard, Telepass and Telepass Sat
  • Italian toll payments and consolidation
  • Application for discounts from the Italian Government


We Provide

  • Details of the toll costs, sorted by card number/on board unit and truck
  • Daily financial management information
  • Digital information
Toll Information

Toll System: Telepass / ViaCard

On board units: Not Mandatory

Vehicles required to pay tolls: 12 t and over

Toll routes: All Motorways except some in Sicily

Payment: VIACard , Telepass. Fréjus card and Great St. Bernard tunnel

Description of toll system
Distance-based – amount due depends on use

Additional Information

Form theft lost VIAcard and Telepass


Italian Daily Toll Spent:

This new product feature deployed by MSTS Tolls Experts will provide you additional reporting capabilities. The feature will enable you to see the unbilled toll transactions up to the previous day thereby helping you to estimate and plan better for your fleet.

Product Feature:

  • It is a new transaction category will only include toll spent and no other expenses.
  • You can create and download a custom report for any given period of time.
    • If “All” transaction category is chosen then the report is run then it will show Billed, Unbilled and the new “Daily Italian” transaction category, if any, during the selected period.
    • You are also able to choose “Daily Italian” as the transaction category for a given time frame.
  • There will be a Standard Customer Report made available on My Custom Report called as “Daily Italian Toll Spent” which will show you the Italian toll spent on the previous day. You can schedule this report and receive via an email.


Please note: The “Daily Italian Toll Spent” report and the “Daily Italian” transaction type is only meant for informative purposes and should not be used by the customer for any financial reconciliations or fiscal purposes. You can access these reports via MyMST .

You can download the manual with clicking on this link: MSTolls Daily Italian Spent Manual