Where can I log in to MyMST?

Go to msettt.multiservice.com .When you add this URL to ‘Favorites’ the website is easier to find.

How do I change the trade name?

If you would like to change the trade name in our administration please send an email with the details to operations@mststolls.com. The information will be checked by us and when your request is approved you will receive a message automatically.

Where do I send questions about an invoice?

You can send your question(s) to finance@mststolls.com please also list the regarding invoice number.

How do I report a malfunction?

Malfunctions are better reported by phone with our Operations Team. They are able to help you immediately. You can reach them on +31 (0)70 3199 000.

What do I do if I've lost login data for MyMST?

Due to privacy issues login data (login name and/or password)will not be given over the phone. We advise you to send an email to operations@mststolls.com with a request and the necessary information will be send to you by e-mail.

What if this page didn't answer my question?

Our Customer Service can be reached daily from 8 till 17.00 to help you right away. The telephone number is +31(0)70 3199 000. They are also available by email: operations@mststolls.com.