Product Overview

When driving through Italy in your truck, the best payment solution is the VIAcard, which can be supplemented by the Telepass. The VIAcard is the original credit card for payments on Italian toll roads and is accepted on all roads.

The VIAcard can be used on nearly all Italian toll roads, and is best suited for those who use Italian motorways a bit less frequently.

Using VIAcard, you can become a member of the MSTS Consortium to take advantage of discounts up to 13% on toll payments. Our easy to use online application only needs to be completed once for continuous discounts on your Italian tolls.

For those who frequent the Italian Tolls roads more often, we advise you to use the Telepass. This electronic payment device enables non-stop travel throughout Italy. Your drivers will avoid waiting times by using the special lanes at the general toll portals.

For fleets frequently traveling in Italy, use the Telepass Sat box; an EETS-compliant onboard unit active in eight toll domains.

Want to know more what is for you the best option in Italy? Please contact our account managers

MSTS Tolls takes care of:

  • Application and maintenance of the toll card(s) and Telepass(es)
  • Payments of the tolls
  • Issue and maintenance of the required bank guarantees

MSTS Tolls provides:

  • Details of costs incurred, sorted by card number and license plate
  • Daily cumulative management information
  • Electronically supplied information
  • Digital information


Lost, stolen or problems?

For terminations and changes in case of theft/loss, defect or truck change please visit our customer support page.